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so i pre-empted our usual program this week to focus entirely on the music of jason molina, who passed away last saturday.

i’ve had a hard time saying or writing much about it. after i heard from secretly canadian on monday morning, i told my co-workers that a friend had died and went home for the day. i wanted to tell them about jason and his music but i knew they wouldn’t understand and worried they would question my grief. i’m pretty sure that’s the way a lot of other folks have been feeling. people want to share- it’s hard to grieve alone.

when my grandfather died five years ago i dug out his 78s that i had been given a few years earlier. using spit, tape and google i managed to transfer them to my computer and make a cd to bring to the funeral for family.

monday morning a similiar inclination took over me. i contacted secretly canadian to run my plan by them and they said ‘ok, but only for a little while’. i then proceeded to collect everything jason released physically and upload it to the magnolia electric co. bandcamp site for free streaming. i think that cataloging, converting, and sharing someone’s music helps me feel close to them again.

as soon as i heard jason had passed i knew this week’s show would be a tribute show. however i’d only be able to scratch the surface of his catalog in one hour. i decided to split the show in three- start with magnolia electric co. and end with songs: ohia. in between, the radio session jason recorded for my show seven years ago and a few other solo radio sessions to round it out. i hope you enjoy it.

i’ll miss you jason.

no love for ned on wlur - march 21st, 2013 from 5-6pm

artist // track // album // label
magnolia electric co. // just be simple // the magnolia electric co. // secretly canadian
magnolia electric co. // whip-poor-will // josephine // secretly canadian
magnolia electric co. // it’s made me cry // it’s made me cry 7” // secretly canadian
magnolia electric co. // don’t fade on me // nashville moon // secretly canadian
magnolia electric co. // east st. louis blues // the black ram sessions // (unreleased)
magnolia electric co. // leave the city // what comes after the blues // secretly canadian
magnolia electric co. // down the wrong road both ways // nashville moon // secretly canadian
jason molina // talk to me devil, again // live on no love for ned, march 30th, 2006 // (unreleased)
jason molina // memphis moon // live on no love for ned, march 30th, 2006 // (unreleased)
jason molina // good luck follows bad luck follows none // live on no love for ned, march 30th, 2006 // (unreleased)
jason molina // northstar blues ii // duyster ii compilation // play it again sam
jason molina // texas 71 // live on wvfs, september 26th, 2005 // (unreleased)
songs: ohia // two blue lights // didn’t it rain // secretly canadian
songs: ohia // lightning risked it all // ghost tropic // secretly canadian
songs: ohia // tenskwatawa // songs: ohia // secretly canadian
songs: ohia // love leaves its abuser // axxess and ace // secretly canadian
songs: ohia // this time anything finite at all // impala // secretly canadian
songs: ohia // lioness // the lioness // secretly canadian

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